Dr. James Cooke
Dr. James Cooke
Reconciling Science and Spirituality

Neuroscientist, speaker & writer


Reconciling science and spirituality

Certain spiritual insights into the nature of reality fit perfectly with our scientific understanding of the world. Understanding the nature of perception is the key to appreciating this. As a neuroscientist and expert on perception, I hope to lay out a scientific picture of reality in which spiritual experience can be appreciated and understood in all its profundity. I’ll be covering the possibility of spiritual awakening, enlightenment or self-transcendence through meditation, mindfulness, yoga or psychedelics as well as related topics such as mental health and wellbeing.

Dr. James Cooke:

Neuroscientist, writer & speaker, focusing on perception, meditation, psychedelics, mental health and wellbeing.

PhD in Neuroscience, Oxford University


“Most spiritual experiences begin with suffering. They begin with groundlessness. They begin when the rug has been pulled out from under us.”

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